Currently, a lot of young people are looking for Natrix Bar reviews because this is a "hot" place in the nightlife Saigon community. Natrix has all the elements: a fun bar, good and burning music, crowded and bustling, and affordable prices. Let's find out more details to see why Natrix is rated as the funniest bar in Saigon!


Super cool design

Natrix is designed in a modern style, bringing an extremely dynamic feeling. The highlight of the Natrix is an infinity LED screen that runs from the DJ table to the ceiling of the bar to the door. The lighting is adjusted and hit individually according to each song or theme every night.

Natrix is very focused on lighting and imaging systems. The light here is beautifully coordinated, with many effects with various shapes. Sometimes it's mysteriously soft, sometimes it burns so intensely that it's emotional. As soon as you step into Natrix, you will feel the joyful and exciting atmosphere here.

Impressive music

If you are looking for the best Hip Hop bar in Saigon, then come to Natrix Bar. Hip Hop music is vibrant music that can make you want to dance through the night.

The talented DJs here know how to mix music and stir up the atmosphere. Natrix also strongly invited many other famous Vietnamese and international DJs to bring new experiences to customers. Quality music played through the hands of professional DJs gives customers spectacular and burning sound parties. 

The people at Natrix

In a very natural way of her own, Natrix attracts a large number of guests, who are young Saigonese. Every night, beautiful boys and girls in the city often meet here to eat, dance, and party hard. At Natrix, there is a very liberal feature of Saigon culture. Perhaps because of the same frequency, the sophisticated nightlife world always chooses Natrix for their happy nights.

Diverse, tasty and cheap food

Natrix Bar  is top bar HCM and serves a very extensive drink menu: beer, spirits, champagne, cocktails, mocktails, mixers, long drinks, and soft drinks... Prices at Natrix are very affordable among bars in district 1. For example, cocktails are only about 260,000 – 280,000 VND per glass. Soft drinks have an average price of about 70,000 VND. Going to the bar will make drinking more fun, so don't miss the fine imported wines at Natrix.

With these outstanding advantages, Natrix is often called "a paradise for genuine bar connoisseurs". Every night at Natrix is full of fun parties of Saigon youth. Coming to Natrix, you will enjoy unforgettable "dancing" nights.

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