The top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city in the list shared below will certainly not disappoint you. They fully converge the elements of a classy, different club, with a unique decor style and impressive music play. Not only that, the people who visit these nightclubs are also people with very good taste. If you are one of them, meaning you have a passion for partying, you should definitely not miss the top 10 clubs in Saigon that we mentioned below.


Oslo Club 

Oslo is a popular name in the top of the most beautiful and top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city. This place often welcomes the discerning nightlife: the elite, famous artists and super-rich car collectors.

When entering the door, Oslo gives you an extremely liberal and crowded space. Music nights in Oslo always attract a large number of people from young people to the elite class to visit. In order to increase the emotions for customers, Oslo always invests to invite many famous artists in the showbiz world to perform to stir up the atmosphere such as: Miu Le, LONA, Karik... The lighting system is arranged in bronze. evenly, flexibly creating a harmonious whole, in the right context with each song. This nightclub is always up to date with the latest music trends and the main genre played in Oslo is Open Format.
In addition, it is impossible not to mention the top-notch DJ team and a team of passionate and enthusiastic dancers. They bring endless nights of complete fun. New and unique interior design with bold curves is also a special highlight that makes customers always favor Oslo for their high-class fun.

Natrix Bar

In a city that does not sleep like Saigon, it is indispensable for nightlife venues, especially lively bars and clubs. Prominent among them is the name Natrix, a super fun bar with the best DJ in Saigon. Natrix attracts a large number of young people, foreign tourists as well as connoisseurs of nightlife.

Although the space is not too big, this is considered an advantage. Modern sound systems when played in an enclosed space will be clearer and not diluted. The DJs playing music at Natrix are considered to be highly professional and know how to please the listeners with very catchy Hip Hop mixes.
The space at Natrix is ​​always crowded and bustling. Beautiful boys and girls mixed together and swayed to the vibrant music with hot dancers. This bar is equipped with both standing tables and sofas for you to choose from. With low price, excellent quality, Natrix deserves to be a Saigon bar worth experiencing.

Kasho Club 

  • Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 22:00 - 3:00

Kasho is one of the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city known for its luxurious space and location right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Hearing the name, you can imagine this club has a bold Japanese style, with a modern and luxurious look but no less blurry.
When you come here, you will be able to witness firsthand performances from famous artists, along with attractive gambles with valuable gifts from world famous brands such as HUBLOT or Chanel. The prices here are quite high, so you should consider all costs to have the most complete fun. 

Commas Saigon Night Club

  • Address: Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 22:30 - 4:00

Commas is considered a bustling club among the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city. If you are a die-hard fan of night parties, you will definitely want to come here to explore. This club space is decorated with beautifully arranged metal bars on the ceiling to create a wild but extremely disruptive feeling.
Music is also a special feature of this club. The genre of music played at Commas is Hip Hop. It creates a feeling of euphoria that makes participants want to dance and sway all night long.

Candi Shop Bar

  • Address: Hai Ba Trung Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.
  • Opening hours: 15:00 - 0:30

Unlike the prime location located on the main street frontage of the clubs mentioned above, Candi Shop Bar is located in the basement of a building on the bustling Hai Ba Trung street. When entering, you will be impressed by the door designed like a bookcase. Touching it is like taking you into a secret cellar that needs to be explored.
Late at night, the atmosphere at this bar is bustling with energetic guests. This bar has a variety of music performances with genres such as Hip Hop, Trap, which is extremely catchy by the hottest DJs in SG. Along with beautiful dancers, often interacting with customers, Candi Shop will leave you with an unforgettable night.

Apocalypse Now

  • Address: Thi Sach Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 17:00 - 1:00

Apocalypse Now is one of the names that deserves to be in the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city. This is a place that attracts the attention of many foreign tourists and young people. Although not the most vibrant club, it still gives you an unforgettable night of entertainment with friends. They have promotions every week, with cheap and varied drinks for you to choose from. The music played at this bar is quite interesting pop and trance tunes. Come here and dance and have fun for a sleepless night!

Atmos Club 

  • Address: Ton That Dam Street, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 22:00 - 3:00

With a colorful and rebellious atmosphere, Atmos quickly made its name in the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city visited by many young people. The interior of this nightclub is inspired by the movie Mad Max. The details are worth noting such as skulls, giant wind doors and colorful LED and neon lights. The staff here are also very dedicated and attentive to customer service. Atmos will be a great choice for those who love nightlife in Saigon.


  • Address: Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 21:00 - 3:30

If you are passionate about Vinahouse music, Canalis Club is the most suitable choice for you. During more than 5 years of accompanying customers, quality and service are the two factors that this club always puts on top. You can clearly feel that it always updates quickly the latest trends in entertainment to serve everyone when visiting this biggest bar in SG.
Not only that, this club is also equipped with good quality sound and light that will definitely not disappoint you. If you have ever been here, you will have to exclaim in admiration when you see the hugely invested speakers and witness the enthusiasm of the customers. 

SKYXX Garden & Lounge

  • Address: Le Anh Xuan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 18:00 - 21:00

This is a club designed in a classic European style with warm tones. Unlike other bustling clubs, SKYXX’s space is divided into two completely different parts. If you are a vibrant person who likes to listen to music and dance with talented DJs, you can choose to sit inside. On the contrary, if you like the quiet and open space outdoors, prioritize sitting outside.


  • Address: Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 21:00 - 4:00

Lush is a gathering place for many young men and women. In particular, Lush's Ladies' night every Tuesday is one of the great events for single women. This is also one of the bars for ladies because most of the customers are female, trendy, classy and tasteful women.
Lush Bar has a strangely decorated space. It is divided into several zones. Each zone plays a different kind of music. In some areas, the music is very lively. On the contrary, there is also a private area to talk that is very quiet and separate from the outside. Wine and drinks at this most famous bar in Saigon are also considered to be quite delicious and delicious. Especially, 2 dishes, Mojito and Long Island iced tea, are very popular with customers. If you are a fan of R&B music, this bar will definitely be a reasonable choice.

Hopefully with the information we provide in the article about the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh city, you will find the club that suits you best. Burn your heart out and forget all your worries. Let's immerse yourself in all-night parties and gain strength to continue a productive work week.